Playful ways to “Talk About Giving” with your family

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This article was published in the summer 2014 Bar Foundation newsletter. To read the entire newsletter, visit

Teaching a child to share is nothing short of a life-long process. Even as grown men and women, we gain a better understanding of what it means to give by learning from the people around us who give so much of themselves and don’t expect thanks or credit. For the legal profession, we point to 18 examples – the legal aid, administration of justice and law related education programs supported by the SC Bar Foundation. For the attorneys working in these programs, the motivation to share more of their time, energy and knowledge is driven by a deep desire to serve and give.

So, as a parent, grandparent or someone who mentors youth, how do you instill the giving spirit similar to that of a Foundation grantee in your children or grandchildren? Have a family meeting with a fun and creative twist utilizing  Talk About Giving, a program created by the Central Carolina Community Foundation that prompts family discussions about values, giving, money and caring for others.

The Talk About Giving website is also a vibrant resource for fostering conversations about philanthropy through weekly blogs, questions of the week and volunteer activities for children of all ages.

How would you describe the Bar Foundation’s work to your family? In the Bar Foundation’s recent video that showcased the work of our Lowcountry grantees, one grantee volunteer said, “I want to help those that don’t feel that they necessarily have access to justice; that feel as though they’re not empowered.”   At its core, the South Carolina Bar Foundation is all about purposeful giving to its cadre of grantees who strive each day to improve the lives of others. Give your child the giving spirit of a Foundation grantee; share your passion for generosity with your children, nieces and nephews or grandchildren.

In need of some stories that illustrate giving? Visit for success stories that can help you talk about giving.


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