Stories of Freedom – Seeing a New Year

“Laura” almost missed seeing the New Year when she barely escaped death at the hands of her husband. He had gotten angry at her, grabbed the bottom of the recliner in which she was sitting and flipped it backwards. He then attempted to shove his pistol in her mouth shouting that he was going to “blow her brains out.” Laura pushed him back, defending herself. Then, a shot rang through the room. He had pulled the trigger, but thankfully the bullet missed her, ending up in the floor right beside her head. She made it to the police station, lucky to be alive, where officers helped her file a report and later arrested her husband.

The nightmare, unfortunately, did not end there. Her husband’s family, angry that he had been arrested, broke into Laura’s home and assaulted her. After the arrest of his family, police then referred Laura to South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS).

Laura’s spirit had been beaten down. Thankfully, Laura’s SCLS attorneys fought her legal battles with her when she had lost the strength to fight back as hard as she did that almost-fatal New Year’s Day. Laura was granted a divorce on the grounds of physical cruelty. She knew that, because of the legal solutions pursued by her legal services attorneys, she would enjoy many more New Year’s in her future.


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