Stories of Freedom – Ending the Cycle of Abuse


“Tara” was afraid that her young son, “Hayden,” would grow up and continue the cycle of abuse after being exposed to the cruelty she endured from his father. Though she knew taking shelter at Citizens Abused to Domestic Abuse (CODA) was the best thing for her, she felt guilty about tearing her son away from his home, toys, bed – everything that gave him comfort. As CODA’s counseling empowered her and women’s support groups encouraged her, Tara finally realized that she saved herself and the future of her child by providing themselves with an abuse-free home. CODA attorneys helped Tara through her legal battles in family court, which granted her sole custody of Hayden and monthly child support and assets from her divorce. Tara is now ready to start her new future for her family. “My son will know to respect woman,” she said. “He will know gentle hands, not hitting hands. My son and I are survivors, but we could not have, and most likely would not have done it without CODA.”

You don’t have to be a legal services attorney to save women who have been traumatized by domestic abuse. You can help  directly support these grantees by making your donation to the Bar Foundation. Make my donation.


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