Organizational Gifts to Bar Foundation Make a Difference


Our board (with some new donors!) from this year’s SCDTAA conference. Thank you SCDTAA and the South Carolina Bar Gov. Law Section for your support!

The donor listings of the Bar Foundation typically include individual donors and law firms. However, Bar sections and other law related entities have found the Foundation as a worthy recipient of their charitable support.

The Government Law Section of the South Carolina Bar contributed $3,000 to the Foundation’s Children’s Fund and the Disabled Lawyers Fund. The SC Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association (SCDTAA) also made a gift of more than $2,300 to the Children’s Fund.

“The enormous benefits provided by the Foundation, through its various programs, are exemplary,” said Timothy C. Winslow, chair of the Government Law Section. “On behalf of the Section, we hope that this donation will assist in some small part for the continuation of these worthwhile programs.” The Section’s governing Council and members have committed to the goal of making an annual gift to the Foundation.

The SCDTAA’s gift stems from the group’s silent auction held during its 2013 summer meeting in Asheville. “The SCDTAA and Bar Foundation’s relationship extends back many years,” said Sterling G. Davies, SCDTAA President. “We are pleased that, once again, a portion of the proceeds from one of our social events can go toward the Foundation’s mission to advance justice. The Foundation has always been a good steward of the funds we entrust to it.”

“We are pleased to have the support of organizations like the Government Law Section and the SCDTAA. Entities that demonstrate their support of our mission with financial gifts help our grantees in critical times,” said Bev Carroll, Foundation president. “The Board pledges to be good stewards and use these funds in the most efficient way possible.”

If your organization or Bar section is considering supporting a non-profit or local charity, please consider the SC Bar Foundation — the HEART of the Bar.



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