A New Year Means New Heartbeat Stories!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your holidays. A new year for the Bar Foundation means more success stories from our grantees! Every Tuesday, we will share our newest heartbeat stories – many of which have been featured in our annual report. In our first Tuesday Tale, read how Sistercare helped “Kayla” overcome the obstacles between her and independence.


Constantly in the Way
The day “Kayla’s” husband was incarcerated for his relentless abuse was the day Kayla began to take back her independence. As the mental and physical wounds from his rage against her started to heal, Kayla knew it was finally time to separate from him. When she went to file for divorce, however, her husband once again became the obstacle between her and freedom. Upon his release from prison, he disappeared and his whereabouts were still unknown. He was from Trinidad and, for all Kayla knew, he could have returned to his native land. However, not being able to locate him prevented Kayla from serving him with divorce papers. The thought that he was still holding her back frustrated Kayla. She looked to Sistercare for help. Sistercare was able to obtain an Order for Publication in Family Court, which allowed the paperwork to be served to Kayla’s husband publically through a local newspaper. When the attorney handed Kayla the final divorce papers she had been waiting for, she handed Kayla her freedom.

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