Need help staying warm today? Read this week’s Tuesday Tale!

Need help staying warm today? This week’s Tuesday Tale is sure to warm your heart. Read how a Bar Foundation grant was able to help Stacy keep her home and ensure that it would remain in her family for years to come.

"Stacy"What’s In A Name?
When “Stacy” bought her first home, she believed placing the deed and mortgage in her parents’ name was the right thing to do. They had better credit. However, after her parents passed away, she realized that she was left with a deed that was not in her name. The loss of her parents was weighing heavy on her, so when she found out that the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation could help her probate her parents’ estate, she couldn’t have been more thankful. “Going in to talk to Mr. Josh was easier than I thought,” she said. “It was relaxing and not so hard.” Not only was the attorney able to prevent her parents’ home from becoming heirs’ property, he was also able to walk Stacy through the process of drafting her own will. This step was invaluable so that Stacy’s children would not find themselves in the same situation that she once faced.

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