Tuesday Tale: Quick Reflexes

If you found out that your landlord had not been paying the common bills and your mobile home community was up for foreclosure sale in one week, who would you call? See how one Bar Foundation grantee’s fast actions saved a group of families from homelessness in this week’s Tuesday Tale.

"Quick Reflexes"Quick Reflexes
Going to the sink the morning and not having water brought a group of mobile home tenants to SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center. As Appleseed staff and a pro bono volunteer attorney began investigating, they found that the mobile home community was in foreclosure and that the common bills had not been paid by its landlord. The landlord had also failed to give titles to tenants who had purchased their homes. Naturally, suspicions were raised questioning whether or not the landlord even had titles for any of the homes. With ownership in question and the community up for a foreclosure sale in a week, Appleseed needed to act fast. The pro bono attorney drafted a motion to stay the sale, which was agreed upon by the Master in Equity. Appleseed then began making arrangements with the city, SCE&G and waste management to prevent the further termination of vital public services for the tenants. The new mobile home park owner is currently working to develop new leases in the best interests of the tenants. Most importantly, the fast-acting Appleseed staff prevented the displacement of the families which would have uprooted many lives and interrupted school for the community’s youth.

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