Keep warm with this week’s Tuesday Tale

Another winter storm is coming our way! Stay warm with this week’s Tuesday Tale. This Bar Foundation grantee went above and beyond the call of duty for “Stephanie,” a victim of domestic abuse who was diagnosed with throat cancer while staying at the shelter.

"Stephanie"A Lengthy Process
“Stephanie” came to stay at CODA’s shelter after her husband assaulted her. The legal staff met with her to file and obtain an Order of Protection.  She had been married to her husband for 20 years and had raised two children, both of whom were emancipated. While in the shelter, Stephanie learned that she had throat cancer and would need surgery.  CODA’s legal staff helped her to apply for and obtain Medicaid.

As the Order of Protection was coming close to its expiration date, Stephanie (who had subsequently moved out of the shelter) called CODA to request help with a divorce. CODA’s attorney filed pleadings for a divorce; however, Stephanie did not know her husband’s physical address and she had no money to serve him by publication. The pleadings were almost administratively dismissed under the 365 Day Rule when she learned that her husband was in a Florida jail. CODA’s legal staff immediately began making phone calls to determine their protocol for civil service on inmates.  Shortly, pleadings for divorce were mailed to Florida and he was personally served.  A few months later, Stephanie had her final hearing, was granted a divorce and finally got her wish – to have her maiden name back!

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