Tuesday Tale: Going The Extra 500 Miles

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In this week’s Tuesday Tale, read how one Bar Foundation grantee helped “Frank” to realize that nothing – not pride, unemployment or even 500 miles – could stand in the way of his relationship with his two daughters.

Going the Extra 500 Miles
Divorced, unemployed and behind in child support payments, “Frank” swallowed his pride and enrolled in the North Charleston Father to Father Program. He had not talked to his two daughters in a long time and hoped that this program would help him turn his relationship with them, along with his life, around. Frank began working with the program’s job recruiter and was able to earn a job at a local hotel just five weeks after his enrollment. His priorities were changing and he was growing closer to his daughters. When his ex-wife began noticing these changes, she and Frank started to makes plans for visitation. While his ex-wife refused to meet him half way between her home and his, Frank did not let that deter him from personally visiting his daughters. He routinely makes the 500-mile round trip once a month knowing that their visit is worth each and every mile. Now graduated from the program, Frank continues to make his child support payments and even took his girls to Carowinds during the Father’s Day weekend.

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