You asked. We answered! 10 things you need to know about Gala 2014.

Gala 2014

Gala 2014 is a day away! We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at 6:30. As you get ready to enjoy your evening with us, we know you will have questions. Here are 10 details about Gala 2014 to keep in mind.

1. Black-tie optional. Gentlemen, feel free to come in your favorite tux or suit. Ladies, pick your favorite evening gown or cocktail dress.

2. Directions to the Hall at Senate’s End (320 Senate St.) can be found on this map.

3. Parking will be available on all sides of the venue. If you have any special needs in terms of mobility, please call (803) 765-0517 so our staff can be prepared to assist you.

4. No physical tickets have been issued. Once you have parked, proceed to the door of the hall where you will check in and receive your name tag and program booklet.

5. Fashionably late? Not for this event! Once you arrive in the grand hall, we will be introducing our special honorees – the Nifty Fifty Class of 1964. Grab a glass of bubbly and take your place along the red carpet when instructed so we can toast these gentlemen in style!

6. Meaningful awards and presentations – celebrating our profession and those who have achieved exemplary successes. Hear from our honorary chair Richard Riley!

7. Time to mingle with other gala guests. Because award presentations will be interspersed throughout the evening, you will have the opportunity to catch up with an old friend or colleague, refill your glass or make a quick stop for more delicious food.

8. Speaking of food – the main reception will include succulent crab cakes, wild mushroom risotto, salmon mouse on endive, sirloin sliders, DuPre’s famous  Vidalia onion dip, mini sweet potato biscuits with ham and more! We’ll have an open bar and we promise we won’t neglect your sweet tooth either!

DuPre's Crab Cakes

9. The billable hour auction will be held once again! One billable hour is equal to $100. The amount of hours you bid represents the amount of money you will donate to the Foundation. And remember, you don’t have to be a lawyer to participate!

10. Of course you are social! So are we! The Foundation is on Facebook and Twitter and will be sharing photos and updates throughout the evening. Be sure to follow the Foundation so you can share your evening with us!

Still have a question? Call (803) 765-0517 or email


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