Final Thoughts on FY 14 from Pres. Bev Carroll

Beverly A. Carroll

It seems that the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” might best describe how I feel about the past 12 months as I served as President of the Bar Foundation.  As that term comes to an end, I wanted to share just a few things that filled this year, all designed to spread the message of the good work being done.

A quick recap –

  • We held two grantee gatherings – in Charleston and Greenville – that allowed colleagues the opportunity to hear from people who are being directly served by the work of those organizations and raised $30,000 that was allocated among five of our grantees.
  • Our annual Gala, which was held at a new venue, raised nearly $50,000 to help support our grantees. (By the way, you will want to save the date for the 2015 event – January 24 – in conjunction with the SC Bar Convention!).
  • At the Bar Convention Plenary Luncheon, we recognized Mark Buyck as the DuRant Award winner and held a special “friend raising” event in which Patsy Cline (really our own Shannon Scruggs) rocked the night.
  • At the Gala, we remembered the late Judge Marc Westbrook as our Martha’s Moment honoree, honored Kimberly Shelton as the Ellen Hines Smith Legal Services Lawyer of the Year and Sharon Ward as the SC Bar Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year, and celebrated 50 years with the Nifty Fifty Class of 1964.
  • We awarded $1.8 million in grants to 18 organizations who have provided a variety of services to thousands of South Carolinians.

We appreciate the positive feedback that you have shared as well as your support. With your help both in spreading the word and in donations, the Heart of the Bar – the Foundation – beats strong!


Beverly A. Carroll


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