When saying “thank you” just isn’t enough…

Whether you’re a lawyer, a judge or even a professor, your mentor helped guide you to a position within the profession. They provided the inspiration. The aspiration. Even opened the door for you when you needed to get started, which is why “thank you” sometimes isn’t enough to convey your gratitude.

The Bar Foundation provides the opportunity to appropriately express your thanks through our tribute gifts program. Let everyone know just how much your mentor has impacted your career be honoring them today or memorializing them tomorrow.

Tribute gifts are listed in our newsletter, the Foundation Brief. We also work to post them on our website. The gifts below were made for the period June through August 2014. The name in bold denotes the honoree.

Looking for past tribute gift listings? Visit here to see tribute gifts made July 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014.


S. Augustus Black
Lowell W. Ross

Rex L. Carter
Hon. T. L. Hughston Jr.

Martha B. Dicus
Eve M. Stacey

H. Stanley Feldman
John M. Bleecker Jr.
Hon. T. L. Hughston
Dennis E. O’Neill

Allan E. Fulmer Sr.
C. J. Roof

Julian H. Gignilliat
R. Read Gignilliat

Kathleen H. Gorenflo
Hon. and Mrs. Rodney A. Peeples

Douglas McKay Jr.
Lowell W. Ross

Stephen G. Morrison
Edward W. Mullins Jr.

Hon. O.A. Rankin
Julia M. Bass

Charles Edward Strange
Suzanne S. Way

E. Ellison Walker
Lowell W. Ross

Margaret S. Williams
Hon. and Mrs. Rodney A. Peeples


James E. Brogdon Jr.
Hon. J. M. Baxley

Beverly A. Carroll
Debbie S. Mollycheck

Julius W. McKay
Lowell W. Ross

Read the Foundation’s policy on tribute gifts.

Want to honor a colleague? Please download a copy of our donor form or make a gift online today!


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