Tuesday Tale: On Common Ground


There are many times when two people don’t see eye to eye, especially when working together. But what happens when a disagreement almost leads to the dissolving of a successful nonprofit organization? Read in this week’s Tuesday Tale how a Bar Foundation grantee stepped in to help two individuals reach a common goal and save their dream.

Coworkers on lunch break “John” and “Terry” dove headfirst into creating a nonprofit organization. For two years, the pair worked together tirelessly to make the organization work, devoting valuable time and resources to the project. When the time came to consider reimbursement of capital investments and a possible major expansion, the teamwork that existed for two years dissolved. This led to frozen bank accounts, suspended phone service and one party taking possession of books and records of the organization.

The two turned to Upstate Mediation Center. By establishing common ground in their mutual vision and expectations, the mediator helped craft a plan to allow the duo to continue pursuit of their goals. Soon, bank accounts were reactivated, the phones turned back on, and both men were working together guided by written policies.

You can help pave the way for the next grantee success story by making your gift to the Bar Foundation


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