Tuesday Tale: Down the Path To Success

Tuesday Tale: Down the Path To Success

Picture1With the school year winding down, it is time to reflect on the many law related education opportunities available to our students. But what happens when promising students can’t afford to participate? In steps the SC YMCA Youth in Government program. This SC Bar Foundation grantee uses their funds to provide scholarships for students, like “Natalie” and “Treyvon.”

Outstanding high school students and siblings Natalie and Treyvon know the importance of hard work and dedication. They both make excel in academics and are involved in many extra-curricular activities at their high school. When they heard of the Youth in Government (YIG) program, they had an interest but knew it would be a financial strain. Their mother, a single parent, worked hard to provide her kids with every opportunity available, but the family’s finances couldn’t make it work. Without a YIG scholarship, neither Natalie nor Treyvon would have been able to participate in the program.

Natalie has represented South Carolina at the YIG National Judicial Conference for three years and was instrumental in starting a new YIG program at a local middle school in 2013. Treyvon demonstrated great success with his role as Premier Senator and wrote a bill regarding informational materials for voters at polling stations. The scholarships are helping students like like Natalie and Treyvon continue down the path to success.

You can help pave the way for the next grantee success story by making your gift to the Bar Foundation.


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