Tuesday Tale: Breaking Through the Barriers


Young abused woman with brusied eye crying

Imagine seeking help from your abusive spouse, only to be denied by the court. That was the case with “Tia”, who felt helpless and stranded in her abusive relationship. She had tried to fight back the only way she knew how — through legal action. Tia attempted to get an Order of Protection against her abuser twice but was denied at both hearings. How was she to protect herself and her children from her abuser when no one would help her?

In stepped South Carolina Bar Foundation grantee Sistercare and helped Tia break through the legal barriers. Sistercare provide counseling for Tia and represented her at a third Order of Protection hearing, where she finally received the protection she needed. Tia and her children are now creating a fresh start together, free from domestic violence.

You can help pave the way for the next grantee success story by making a gift to the Bar Foundation.


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