Why We’re Here
Our mission is to fund the advancement of justice by improving access, education and accountability. This blog is dedicated to sharing the hardwork, struggles and triumphs of our 18 grant organizations and their clients and the most recent Bar Foundation news.

What We’ve Done
Since 1987, the Foundation has awarded more than $45 million to various legal-related organizations that work on behalf of the justice community.

Board of Directors
Elaine H. Fowler, President
Marie-Louise Ramsdale, President-Elect
Sidney J. Evering II, Secretary/Treasurer
Beverly A. Carroll, Immediate Past President
J. Boone Aiken III
Robin A. Braithwaite
Chet Chea
Byron E. Gipson
Christopher R. Koon
Jocelyn Newman
Mary E. Sharp
James W. Sheedy
Elizabeth H. Warner, Ex Officio
William K. Witherspoon, Ex Officio

Shannon Willis Scruggs, Executive Director
Kristin Horzen, Financial/Office Manager
Megan Moore, Marketing/Communications Coordinator


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